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At Mommymaids our customers and their homes are important to us. This is why we only choose professional-grade products and exceptional equipment—just like we use in our own homes for our families. Mommymaids lets our customers choose what they prefer in their homes. They may choose from our complete line of Green Seal, eco-friendly products, or your more common household cleaning agents.

Our equipment is the best of the best! We buy only high-quality and hospital-grade vacuums. As we know, all vacuums are not created equally! When we choose a vacuum there are many criteria it must pass before we purchase it. We typically spend between $600 and $1500 on each and every vacuum. Unlike most cleaning companies, we are not there just to fluff up the carpet. We are there to clean, sanitize, detail and remove all the pollen, dust and dander from your home…leaving it a happier and healthier home!

One town at a time. It's your home, your family, your health! You choose what's right for you!

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Mommy Maids Inc.

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Phone: (604) 533-4959

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